Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Few of My Obsessions

If you are reading this, you should know that I rarely discover cool stuff. Either people tell me about cool stuff, or the rest of the world gets together, declares that something is cool, and then I find it (hence, it is not a discovery.) Today I was checking out one of my absolute favorite blogs,, and heard an amazing song that sounded somewhat familiar. After some research, I discovered them: Vitamin String Quartet. Wikipedia calls them "widely known" but, luckily, I have spent years of my life being taught that Wikipedia is illegitimate.

To Fordham-ify this: Ryan went to Fordham, his assistant went to Fordham, and he often shoots at Fordham. Plus, Fordham grads and students obviously have an awesome musical taste (and some happen to be amazing photographers, too!)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Travel School: The Study Abroad Experience

Last year I stumbled upon a travel radio show that soon became my internship. (Fordham sends out a weekly email with tons of internship opportunities- luckily, I got the fun one.) I've since worked for Let's Travel! to improve the social network, publish the newsletter, and help with the show. Over the summer, I came up with the idea to produce a show that marries travel and education. After meeting study abroad students, doing some research, and writing a script, it finally happened!

as most college students spent the afternoon sitting in classes, eating in the caf, and studying hard, I spent the afternoon hosting a radio show that I produced.
Take a look-- or a listen:
(and feel free to check out our awesome website)

I am not a communications major, but I am in love.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Fever and a Woman from St. Lucia

Walking to St. Martin of Tours on Friday, I found myself behind a woman carrying grocery bags. When I got closer behind her, she turned around, I smiled, and she laughed out loud. "I wanted to make sure that it wasn't anyone coming up behind me at night," she said.
We walked down the street together talking about church and the Bronx and Lenten services. She told me that she is from St. Lucia and that she came to the Bronx some time ago. As I'm learning, this is the epitome of what the Bronx is: people from different places coming together to call one place theirs.

The next morning, the neighborhood couldn't have been more friendly- or more crowded. Everyone (and their siblings and parents and children) came out to celebrate the first sunny day of what is now -hopefully- spring. Mr. Softee trucks and street ball and loud music accompanied pedestrians with jackets open, sun-brushed cheeks and babies in strollers. I have yet to spend a summer in the Bronx, but I'm told that it is, in every sense, spectacular. Summer is the time when this city, its residents and its rich culture, come to life. After a long, drab winter, this kind of change could not feel more welcome or more monumental.