Monday, November 14, 2011

Reasons to Love Rosa Mexicano

  1. It has a wall adorned with flowing water and little statues of naked men.
  2. It was awarded “Best Restaurant 2000” by Interiors Magazine.
  3. Frank Bruni of the NY Times had a successful dining experience there with his nephew Gavin, 7, and his niece Bella, 5.
  4. Did I mention the water wall covered with naked men??? To be specific, it's a 30-foot iridescent blue tile water wall that spans both levels of the restaurant and is adorned with 240 miniature cliff divers.
  5. Yes, that's 240 naked men.

Rosa Mexicano (Jennifer S. Altman for The New York Times)
There's also good food, a guacamole cart that delivers fresh-made guac to each table, plentiful portions, and fair prices. In the end, Rosa Mexicano's good enough to go back to, but not special enough to frequent. Honestly, the best part was the Coffee-Kahlua ice cream, which I'm thinking I'll have to order to-go every now and then. It was pure heaven, and I don't know where else to get it.

   6. Alcohol-infused ice cream and naked men. Now that's a hook.

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