Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I Hate Finals

Everyone hates finals. To celebrate, I'm highlighting some of the best finals-hating statuses posted on Facebook this week:

Ryan: is doing that thing he does, where he thinks out an entire future and idealizes it in order to procrastinate and/or justify his actions.

Moira: well i WAS on a roll....

Joe: Still outlining my sources, no thesis yet, and the paper's due at 10 AM. This is what I get for choosing to research demonology: God punishes me for seeking knowledge of evil and Satan screws me over.

Steve: My take home finals are offensively difficult.

Kristin: Oh good. An hour and 4 minutes to write 6 pages. Good.

And, last but not least,

Ryan: Good morning Oversleeping and Feeling-Like-Sh*t,
Go screw yourselves and then make me cereal.
Love, Ryan

What's that saying about laughing in times of trouble???
Best of luck to you during these last grueling weeks before the holiday.

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