Thursday, February 11, 2010

Odds and Ends

Back to school today, and guess what greeted us on campus? Lots of igloos, snowmen, etc. I've stolen these pictures from Mike Trerotola's blog (visit him here to see more.)

Also, a quick word about community living at Fordham. There are two options to live in community other than dorms. The first are Integrated Learning Communities, all of which are located on campus and place you with people of common interests: majors, extracirriculars, etc. The second option is an Integrated Service Learning Community, which is where I live. This is the only ILC that is off-campus and the only one that has a service requirement. I also lived in Queen's Court last year, so feel free to email/comment for more info.That's it for now- but, before I end...
How to Love College tidbit #1:
Build igloos. Lots and lots of igloos.

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